Naas Community Sponsorship Group

In March of this year, as a result of COVID-19, the UNHCR temporarily suspended all resettlement programmes globally, calling a sudden halt to the work undertaken by the Naas Community Sponsorship Group to welcome a Syrian family to our community.

Resettlement is a life-saving tool for many refugees and it is with great joy that we can report a recent announcement of the resumption of the movement of limited numbers of refugees internationally. (See link here:

Given the volatility of Covid, the Naas group has resumed its work with a great sense of urgency, cognisant of a potentially narrow window for travel in late summer/early Autumn, during which we hope to welcome a family currently stuck in a refugee camp.

The sourcing of accommodation is our greatest challenge right now and so we are asking this congregation which has already demonstrated tremendous support for this initiative to help us to find a home for this family. Any and all suggestions would be gratefully received. Please contact Stephanie Jones at

In addition, we would love to talk to any teachers or retired teachers who would be interested in volunteering and perhaps joining our group.