Beatitudes and Covid

All Saints Day (A)

Rev’d Philip Heak

1:  Today is All saints day.  It is a day of remembering those who have died.  Specifically, our loved and departed but all of the unnamed saints of God’s church universal.  Customarily we  remember those who have died in the last year It gives us a moment to grieve those we have lost but also to move to thanksgiving for their life and, even more, for their place now among the saints gathered in the nearer presence of God. 

This morning I’m going to reflect on death and loss.  I’m not doing this to depress you, but I hope that you may find healing and peace in the teaching of Jesus.

2:  Death is one sort of loss, and thankfully, for most people it is something that we have to deal with on an occasional basis.  However,  this year so many  have had losses.  The pandemic has caused untold losses.  Death yes.  But other losses … jobs, social contact, physical contact.